Club Rules


Only Ordinary and Associate Members who are financial at the 1st March are eligible to enter Club competitions.

Playing with a non-member  automatically disqualifies the pair or team concerned.

Visitors are welcome to play two sessions , thereafter only if permitted by the committee.

Prospective new members will be eligible to enter Competitions.They must pay their membership fee before the completion of that competition.


Competition Rules


Members who do not abide by the eligibility rule of a particular competition , will not have their session scores recorded.

A partnership shall be eligible for one prize only with the same partner throughout the year. This excludes Champion Pairs and Champion Singles.



Three session competitions - 1 substitute allowed

Two session competitions - no substitutes allowed

Handicap competitions - no substitutes allowed



Partnerships can only sit East-West at the Director's table on one session per series.


Ladder Competitions:one for each session day

The winner is he/she who has the highest overall average percentage of those who played at least half of the playing dates of the year for that session day.

Note - The Committee reserves the right not to award any trophy if there are insufficient qualifiers to enable a meaningful competition.